Mortifera is the story of two Irish sibling Demon hunters that summon a Demon of their own to eviscerate the occult in medieval Europe. After Catherine and Ethan Gregor discovered the remains of their murdered father Elias, they also discovered powerful Demonic relics that he once guarded were gone. Hundreds of vials of Demon Blood that allowed the possessor to summon Demons from hell had fallen into the hands of an unhallowed rival of the Mortifera. In their desperation, Catherine and Ethan summoned a renegade demon named Durin to aid them in their quest to not only avenge their father, but reclaim the vials of Demon Blood before it could be used to unleash an army of vicious warrior demons. Read the comic here. Watch the animated trailers for Mortifera here. Creators: Writer and creator Stephan Frost is a video game producer for Blizzard Entertainment that lives in Orange County California with his wife Amanda and son Killian. Illustrator and colorist Sarah Partington is an animation story board artist for Nickelodeon that lives in Los Angeles, California.