I’ve not been looking forward to typing this, and in fact I’ve been putting it off. I’ll get straight to it; we’re going on an indefinite hiatus with Mortifera. Sarah and I both work in creative fields that demand a large amount of hours and creative energy. We’ve been doing the comic for years, and it picked up more steam than I ever thought possible. Successful reviews from websites people have actually heard of, a Kickstarter that destroyed the target fundraising goal, hundreds of thousands of website views, 2 animated shorts, and numerous convention appearances have been amazing. However when you work a 12 hour day, the last thing you want to do when you get home is more work. Will we come back for more? Quite possibly, yeah. We’ve got lots of stories left to tell in this world, but both Sarah and I need to ensure the quality is high and that our sanity is intact. Thank you for coming here every Monday and Wednesday. We may throw in some more images periodically, but for now it won’t be on a regular schedule. Thanks, Frost and Sarah